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How do I get my Valencia books for the Fall?


OCPS has created a form for students to request books.


1. Students will individually register for classes.

2. Students will send their detailed schedules to their counselor.

3. Students fill out the book request form. A separate form must be completed for each class.

4. Counselors will approve the request if they have a detailed schedule verifying the student is enrolled in the class.

5. The school will order the approved books in bulk.

6. Books will be shipped to DP.

7. Ms. Loftus will send a Remind message when books arrive. *Dual Enrollment students should Sign up for Remind updates for Dual Enrollment news. 

8. Students can pick them up in Media Center.


This is a multi-step process so it is CRITICAL that you follow all steps and fill out the form appropriately for all classes.


Student Appointment Request
Students can also request an appointment by email @ Emily Loftus


On Florida Virtual Campus you can:
  • Access college transcripts and grades
  • Track your progress towards college graduation
  • Have your A.A. transcript evaluated for transfer
  • Evaluate high school progress
  • See high school course summary and grades
  • Complete interest inventories and other career assessments
  • Research careers, including the education level required
  • Search for colleges and programs
  • Apply online for admission to Florida institutions
  • Find and apply for financial aid
  • Use the Transient Form to make it easier to take courses at other institutions and
  • Access advising manuals including the Common Prerequisite Manual, Statewide Articulation Manual, and the ICUF Articulation Manual.
Here is how it’s done:
  1. Sign in on the computer.
  2. Go on the internet.
  3. Go to
  4. Click on MY RECORDS tab in the middle, the fourth tab.
  5. On the drop-down menu, select "High School Students" on the right.
  6. Click on "You must log in with a LoginID to use this feature".
  7. Click on "Need a LoginID? Create Account" in the blue box on the right.
  8. A new window will appear asking you to fill in your personal information.
  • Select "High School Student".
  • Use your full name as it is listed in the school records and on your birth certificate. Do not put Joe if your name is Joseph.
  • Fill in your date of birth as shown, and your primary email address. You can use a second email address.
  • For your FLORIDA STUDENT IDENTIFIER NUMBER: Use your social security number followed by an "X". If you do not have one or do not know your social security number, use your student # followed by an "X". However, be aware that Bright Futures money is tied to your social security number.
  • Next, fill in your LOGIN ID. This will be your OCPS STUDENT NUMBER.
  • Your password will be your initials and your 8 digit birthdate. Capitalize the first initial of your first name and use small case for the first letter of your last name. Example for Joseph Smith: Js08081995
  • Confirm your password then answer the three security questions.
  • Click "SUBMIT".
  • A summary screen will appear (the old ePEP screen). Click on BRIGHT FUTURES ELIGIBILITY.

This shows your evaluation to see if you are eligible for any Bright Futures Scholarships. It will tell you if you are missing any academic classes, if your test scores are too low, if you need community service hours, etc.

Transcripts are sent from Orange County to the Florida Department of Education three times a year: late October, after first semester grades are issued (Late January or early February) and then in June after graduation. You can check your account status any time from home 24/7.

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