Dr. Phillips Business Academy


The Business Academy (BA) is for students interested in enrolling in the College of Business at a university, majoring in some area of business in a community college, wanting to start their own business, or looking for job entry skills. The academy is designed to provide academic and technical training through a team of teachers working cooperatively to integrate and make the curriculum relevant to today’s workplace.


Students in the Business Academy have unique opportunities and access to community service, job shadowing, field trips, industry certifications and tech prep (college credits while in high school).


Dr. Phillips Medical Academy

The Medical Academy (MA) is designed to prepare motivated students for a future in the dramatically expanding area of medicine and health care related fields. The purpose is to allow students the opportunity to examine various medical professions and acquire a foundation of knowledge necessary for all medical personnel. The Medical Academy was developed for students planning to attend a four-year university, a community college, or a technical center majoring in a medically related career. The Medical Academy has a group of teachers working together as a team to provide quality academic and health related instruction.