Magnet Programs

Magnet Programs

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Magnet Programs have been established at elementary, middle and high schools to provide an opportunity for students to engage in intensive study in specific areas. Magnets offer the opportunity for students to discover their talents and explore their interests while focusing on strong academic excellence.


Programs are designated to attract students from across the district with transportation provided for elementary and middle school students only, who reside in specified areas. Please refer to the magnet schools list to see the listing of transportation and draw zones for each of the magnets. Complete information will be listed in the school's magnet description.


All magnet programs promote academic rigor and reflect the diversity of the district.

High school magnet programs provide unique personalized learning communities. These programs of study are aimed at increasing student achievement and permit a student to focus on interest, talents or career goals. Middle and elementary magnet programs provide students the opportunity to participate in challenging experiences that engage them in learning.

  • Magnet programs will provide students the opportunity to exceed challenging state academic and achievement standards.

  • Magnet programs will promote student diversity through choice.

  • Magnet programs will enhance equitable access for all students to high quality education.

  • Magnet programs will strengthen student knowledge of academic subjects that will lead to increased student acquisiton of marketable career, technological and professional skills for informed career decisions.

  • Magnet programs will accelerate systemic reform.


 (Information from OCPS School Website.)