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Community Service

Community Service 23-24 (Revised)

Service Hours Opportunities

Community Service is defined as identifying a social issue in the community. These hours can be used to meet the requirement for the Florida Academic Scholars (FAS), Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS), or Gold Seal Vocational scholarships (GSV) for the Florida Financial Aid Application, also known as Bright Futures. The submitted hours will be recorded on the student transcript. 

In order to complete their community service hours, students must complete the Community Service packet (Community Service Tab on Guidance Website) and be pre-approved by their counselor. The steps to receive Community Service hours are as follows:

  1. Before you complete community service hours, you must submit a community service plan to your counselor, outlining the specific details of the activity. It must include how your service will help address the community's needs. Your counselor must sign this form.
  2. Once approved and signed by your counselor, complete your hours and log them on the sheet provided.
  3. Write a post-essay and submit the entire packet to your counselor. The essay must touch on how your services benefited the community and how you have grown due to the service.
  4. Your counselor will add your hours to your transcript.


*** For Bright Futures 100 hours are required for the FAS award and 75 hours for the FMS award***

Letter of recommendation statement below. Packet link above.

Letter of Recommendation Request

Dear Student,

As you gather information pertaining to the Letter of Recommendation packet, please type your responses in a word document and email the completed packet to your counselor. You can include your resume as well if you have one. You do not need to return the packet back to your counselor. We need the information provided in a word document. Use the packet as a guide, but type the answers in a word document. Please be as detailed as possible. Tell us as much about yourself, your aspirations, and your accomplishments as possible. The college, university, or scholarship committee already knows your academic profile because you shared it through your application. Let’s share more about you, other than the most common things. Tell us about what inspires you, and share any life-changing or impactful stories you think will distinguish you from the next applicant. Share those life-altering moments, challenges you have faced, and things you have overcome. Paint a picture for your counselor for every scenario or situation that you share. Act as if they are sitting next to you, listening to the stories of your life. The more detailed information, the better. Please submit this information AT LEAST THREE WEEKS before it is due. This will give your counselor enough time to write a great letter and submit it on your behalf.