Clubs and Organizations

Clubs play a vital part in the extracurricular activities at Dr. Phillips High School. Over fifty clubs, organizations, and athletic teams give Dr. Phillips High School students a wide variety of activities to choose from to enhance their school relationships. Students develop leadership skills, budget their time wisely, improve their communication skills, make friends, and have fun by participating in any of the clubs and activities. School policy requires all clubs to have a purpose connected with school services or student interest and forbids any physical initiation.

The faculty and administration at DPHS encourage students to become involved in the activity program. We view these Clubs and Organizations as an extension of the classroom and are very proud of the rich tradition of excellence in our activity program.

New clubs can be created only in the 1st semester. No new clubs can be started in the 2nd semester. All clubs must have a faculty sponsor and a minimum of 15 members.

Club List 2023-24

NEW  Before joining a club, students must have their parents sign the OCPS Parental Consent for
Student Participation in School Clubs Form and bring it to the club sponsor.
Parental Consent for Student Participation in Clubs

National Honor Society
Eligible junior and senior students may apply for NHS consideration in the fall. Candidates must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA (weighted) and at least 25 recorded service hours per year of high school attendance (50 for juniors, 75 for seniors). For complete information, please click the link above to be directed to the DPHS National Honor Society application.

I received something in the mail from the NSHSS. Is that the same as NHS? If I join the NSHSS, then am I considered a member of NHS already?

A: The National Society of High School Scholars is a different organization from National Honor Society, although their stated aims of encouraging academic excellence are similar. NSHSS contacts students through the mail and invites them into membership. NHS membership at DPHS is only offered after a student applies and is invited by confirmation by the faculty council. Joining NSHSS does not make you a member of our NHS chapter or permit you to walk with NHS recognition at graduation.

You can tell the difference between the two organizations by their logo and colors. National Honor Society materials are blue and gold.
This is NHS:
National Honor Society blue logo This is NOT:NSHSS logo