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Equally Rigorous Science Course List


As part of the implementation of Florida’s Science Education Plan, the Division of Career and Adult Education, in collaboration with the Office of Mathematics and Science, reviewed and added to the Equally Rigorous Science Course List CTE (Career and Technical Education) advanced courses that are categorized as level 3 courses and contain significant amounts of rigorous science content. The three identified courses are Agriscience Foundations 1 (8106810), Biotechnology 1 (3027010), and Biotechnology 2 (3027020).

Agriscience Foundations is the first of four courses taught in the Agribusiness and Natural Resources Department here at Dr. Phillips High School. The course satisfies one of the three science requirements for high school graduation and college admission. Students who chose to complete the core of classes; Agriscience Foundations, Introductory Horticulture and Horticultural Science are eligible for the Goal Seal Scholarship. See details below. Additionally students receive a Practical Arts/elective credit for Introductory Horticulture and/or for Horticultural Science. Both of these courses are level 3 courses as well. Students completing the core of classes during the year they are enrolled in Horticultural Science can take the Industry Certification Exam and become a State Certified Horticultural Professional and receive six college credits at Valencia Community College (must major in a Agricultural Career) .