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Center for International Studies


In 1987, the Center for International Studies (CIS) Magnet Program was developed by Orange County Public Schools to provide students with an awareness of global issues, an understanding of other cultures, and the attainment of multilingual abilities necessary for international business and diplomacy. Recognizing the inter-dependency of nations and their increasing globalization, the CIS Magnet addresses the ever-growing need for cultural awareness and practical ability to succeed in a diverse and multi-ethnic world.

CIS is designed to help students attain much-needed competencies in global affairs so they can understand the impact of international issues and events on their daily lives. CIS students learn about cultures and peoples, exploring humanity’s similarities and differences across place and time. The program also helps to develop skills necessary for student admission to competitive universities both here and abroad. CIS students develop the skills, attain the knowledge, and cultivate an attitude of cross-cultural awareness that will assist them in whatever direction they pursue in their future.

Social studies and world languages form the core of the CIS experience. In addition to studying history, social studies classes provide an exciting exposure to different cultures, faiths, and international relationships. The study of world languages is an integral component of an international education, and students may choose to study one or two languages to fulfill their minimum four-year world language requirement. The college-preparatory curriculum is designed to emphasize the development of good study, research, and critical thinking skills.

In addition to the specialized curriculum, student education is enhanced through many stimulating international experiences, including guest speakers, hosting of international students, and participation in study-travel programs in Europe and Japan, all of which afford students direct interaction with foreign cultures.


 Center for International Studies Expectations



Once accepted into the program, students must comply with all CIS guidelines and maintain the following requirements:

  • A 3.0 unweighted GPA each semester
  • A good conduct record with no Level II, III, IV disciplinary actions
  • Recommendation of CIS teachers at the end of the school year
  • Participation in scheduled CIS seminars, assemblies, and multi-cultural activities
  • A completed “practicum” (practical field experience project or activity) before the end of the junior year

How to Apply

Students applying for admission may do so during their eighth or ninth grade years. Applicants should apply online at Acceptance into the magnet is determined by the School Choice Office, not by DPHS.

Before applying, interested students should understand the academic rigor of the CIS magnet. Students must maintain the following CIS requirements to remain in the program:
-a 3.0 unweighted overall GPA for each semester
-a good conduct record
-a "practicum" completed by the end of your junior year. The practicum is an extensive, hands-on international experience, which may be fulfilled by hosting a foreign students, interning, maintaining a pen-pal correspondence, traveling abroad, or something similar.

Ask yourself these questions before you apply:
-Can I maintain a minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA in challenging, college-oriented classes?
-Do I possess good conduct and attendance records?
-Do I possess strong reading and study skills, and a desire to learn?
-Do I have the will and stamina to succeed in Advanced Placement (AP) classes?
-Am I interested in learning about the world and its history, in acquiring another language, and in studying current events?

If you answered "no" to any of the questions, there may be another program more suited to your needs and interests.